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Raja Wajahat

Engr. Raja Wajahat is a professional civil and structural engineer. He has been involved in research, teaching, and design for 5 years. Raja Wajahat’s work focuses on the architectural and structural design of various structures including high-rise buildings. He has been practicing structural design, modeling, and seismic analysis of structures, the dynamic behavior of complex systems, and other related aspects of seismic risk. He has a Masters’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology with research focused on the use of sustainable materials in construction. He has worked on research related to structural fire engineering which aims to protect structures from fire. He has worked at the University of Engineering and Technology and Public Works Department. He is the CEO of W.S engineers and consultants and provides consultancy to various companies and clients.

Engr. Raja Wajahat is a member Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC), American Society of Civil Engineers. He also served as Spokes Person at the Society of Civil Engineering. Engr. Raja Wajahat has participated in national and international conferences with multiple awards and certificates. Raja offers various courses that are specially designed for engineers and professionals to enhance their design and problem-solving skills. He also teaches and designs different projects according to American, British, Canadian, Australian, Chinese, and Turkish Standards.

Raja Wajahat is not an only engineer but he is also enthusiastic about health and fitness. He helps others in their health and fitness journey. He offers online coaching for personal fitness, health, wellness, meal plans, workout programs, and well-being training. He has helped many individuals to become their true versions and find their purpose.

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I will definitely recommend their services, they are very professional and responsive, two projects already with them, constant communication discussing the project, very good experience working with Raja and his team, thanks a lot!

John Doe

They were easy to communicate with and did an excellent job delivering on time and exactly what we expected.

Jenna Smith

This is possibly my best experience working with Raja and his team. 

Samuel Stevens

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